Changing Gears

by Tod Hughes Project

Released 2014
Released 2014
A little Johnny Cash meets Bob Dylan, with foot tapping groove and hook to remember, Tod Hughes writes and sings music from the heart, real life stories of love and hope spun through with a smile!
Inspired by the great storytellers of our time, men like bob dylan, johnny cash, leonard cohen, neil young and JJ cale, tod hughes writes real songs that come from the heart and highlight the feeling of hope, longing and joy we all feel, threaded through with love, hurt, happiness and disappointment that life inevitably brings. The emotion is true and the passion is real. Tod's desire is to share the music and the stories and to uplift and entertain the listener, but also to try and provoke a deeper level of thought. At the same time the stories are mixed with a toe tapping beat and memorable melodies, backstopping the singer songwriter groove! - See more at:
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