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Let's Dance



White fades to blue, blue fades to black

What once seemed clear now sets us back

Time got away but it's coming home

Should be together but we're both alone


If I didn't know now what I didn't know then

Be so much easier to be with you again

The only thing that’s real is the truth

Only one for me since my youth Yah, I’m thinkin about you babe


All I can think of is holding you

Amidst all the questions I cling to true

There's time and place and circumstance

Close your eyes, take my hand, come on let's dance

Yah, let's dance, let’s dance

One more time while we still have the chance

Yah, let's dance, dance, dance, dance


It's a dance for two twas born in the heart

Story of love that's written from the start

Not how we look it's how we feel

Ends with a smile, cause we know what’s real You’re the only one for me


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