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Brad's Song



Went down to your place again, I saw you weren't there

Want to see your face again, but I don't know where

You left way too soon and it never seemed fair

Now I'm looking for you every place that I go


You were brave and you were strong

We all believed you would get better all along

There must have been more than we could know

Cause there came a day that you knew you had to go


Now I'm drinking alone

I drink alone

I'm drinking alone again


Days go by and the weeks go past

Meditative, contemplation and our dream scenes clash

Need a vision for the future

But only time will tell

When we look back to see if we've lived well


But I'm hopeful again

I'm hoping again

I'm hopeful again, today


There's a hope for the future

It's our memory from the past

We don't forget you, but man time goes so fast

Looking forward to the time when we'll laugh again

I am able to smile now, but only now and then


I'm waiting for you

I'm waiting to see you

I'm waiting till we're together again


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