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Time Slow Down

by Tod Hughes

Released 2016
Released 2016
Music from the heart, memorable melodies and lyrics that will stick in your head and put a smile on your face!
"Time Slow Down is the most refreshing roots rock record I've heard this year. Within seconds of clicking play I was hooked and you best believe that thing is getting repeated...again and again...." Middle Tennessee

Tod Hughes hails from Calgary, Canada where he lives with his family. Tod writes real music that comes from the heart, stories of love, hurt, happiness, fear, disappointment and fun. A message of hope is thread through the stories which are sometimes serious and sometimes a bit tongue in cheek. The toe tapping melodies and memorable choruses will stick in your mind for days after hearing them. They are told with truth and respect.

A song from Tod's first album “Brad’s Song” went to number 2 on radio charts in Louisiana, and the album charted throughout the US, as well as being picked up for TV by the Discovery Channel, NASCAR Station and others.

The follow up album "Time Slow Down" is a full length with more depth, humour and heart than ever!

Inspired by the great storytellers of our time, men like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, Tod's unique style of telling the stories and engaging the listener resonates with folks of all ages.

“Hughes clearly establishes himself as an important new talent.”
Skope Magazine
“they certainly serve notice of Tod Hughes’ songwriting skills”
“We need more simple albums. The Canadian based singer/songwriter’s gifts are real. He has discernment enough to pull back on the reins enough to entertain audiences instead of letting his self-indulgence fly, but he has a talent for twisting and uncovering illuminating turns of phrase. “
Vents Magazine
“There is a higher intelligence presiding over these songs, but it informs the artistry; it’s the hand behind the curtain. “
‘there’s a refreshing amount of humor throughout the album”

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