Tod Hughes is a Canadian storyteller, who writes real music that comes from the heart. Songs about love, hurt, happiness, fear, disappointment and fun. A subtle message of hope is thread through the stories which are sometimes serious, and even a bit dark, while at other times slightly tongue in cheek. A live performance is guaranteed to be a fun event, which will leave you humming to yourself. The toe tapping melodies and memorable choruses will stick in your mind for days after hearing them. They are told with truth and respect, and played on real instruments by real people! Tod wrote and sang all of the songs on his first EP entitled "Changing Gears" which celebrated life and change, as well as on the follow up full length LP, called "Time Slow Down". The albums are available on CD, vinyl and digitally everywhere music is sold.

Although Tod has a uniquely personal style of singing and performing, he draws inspiration from the great storytellers of our time, folks like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. Tod's music resonates with fans of all ages.

Tod was born and raised in the musical hot bed of Winnipeg, Canada and lives with his family in Calgary, Canada. Tod is active in the local music scene, business and charity in the community. Many of Tod's concerts put on are for the direct benefit of charity.

Tod believes music comes from the spirit inside and is meant to touch the soul of the hearer, as well as the performer.

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